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There is a growing sense of rebellion in America today. Our government is spending our money and the next generation's money faster than it can be printed. American justice is going to Hell in a hand-basket. You have to laugh when you find out bankruptcy lawyers for some companies are making upwards of $900 an hour. Bailed out companies give out bonus checks like everything's the same as it ever was. We're riding the crest of a wave called Capitalism that will crash to the shore like the biggest Tsunami in history ever to make landfall. Unless we RISE UP AND UNITE against the tyranny starting to take shape around us!

Hollywood is already hinting toward more Robin Hood type vigilante action. Shows like TNT's Leverage prove there is a healthy appetite for believable stories about the little guy beating up on the establishment for once instead of the other way around. Think about it. How many times you have been screwed over and could have used a little help? Imagine if you could get it free of charge and there was a network you could turn to that would pass the word on for you when you were in major trouble. We can create that network right here and now.

Do you feel like your life doesn't have any meaning or purpose? Are you a wanna-be knight in shining armor with no great cause or concern to fight for? Do you think you could handle helping out some very needy people out there who need a network like us to do battle in their honor?

Join the army today and tell us your specialty and how you think you can help us reach our goals. We'll tell you of causes we know of that you might be able to assist, or we'll steer you in the right direction toward your own unique crusade. Email SucksSite.Com Founder Rich Bergeron at for your first deployment orders, and if you get through basic training you will be better prepared for any turmoil that comes up in your own life.

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